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Blue Coast Coffee Renovation + Rebrand

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

My motivation and inspiration to buy a little run down 50's themed cafe and turn it into a bright, welcoming coastal coffee shop originally stemmed from my desire to own my own business.  With experience in foodservice and retail, I had decided that a coffee shop would be a good first business for me.  As it turned out, the process of starting it was actually where I found my groove.

Since building out a new café from-scratch wasn't feasible on my budget, I had turned to shopping for businesses for sale at a discount.  I found Shelly's Cafe in a Massachusetts suburb and was excited about the location, parking lot, outdoor seating area, and existing kitchen/bathroom which would allow me to avoid major remodeling.

After running Shelly's as-is for a few months (all the while making plans with my contractor) I finally closed the business for it's transformation.  I had my contractor take down a wall, re-build the counter service area, and install new flooring + light fixtures.  With the help of friends & family; I painted, installed decorative accent walls, furnished, & decorated the café -- reopening two months later as a brand new business.


Ok, but if you haven't stood up on a roof duct-taping up a vinyl banner sign before opening your business, are you even an entrepreneur though?

The Counter Service Area

I opened up a wall and greatly reduced how far the ice cream counter stuck out into the seating area, to open up the space and create more seating.

Front of the House

The 50's theme that had once been cute, had become worn down over time.  On a limited budget, I focused my funds on improving the layout of the space and installing new wood-look vinyl plank flooring.  I finished the space with simple, bright, colorful coastal accents including resin "patio" furniture.

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