Interior Design + Decorating

Whether you're starting a new business, investing in a rental property, sprucing up your lake house, or settling into your forever home; I'm here to remove the guesswork and make the design process more fun -- creating an epic place you'll be thrilled with, while saving you time + money.


Work with me to take a thoughtful, creative approach to investing in your property to create long-term value and make your business a destination.

Project planning

Get your project started with a clear strategy and an organized plan.

When you're preparing to invest in a new property or renovation -- there's lots to consider!  With a creative yet practical approach, I use 2D floor planning software to look at multiple options, while helping you think critically about your uses and priorities for the space -- so we can truly optimize your precious square footage.


Having a floor plan and dimensions also acts as the start of a 'shopping list' when it comes to materials, fixtures, furnishings and décor.

sample floorplan1.png
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Visuals + vibes

The foundation for renovations + build-outs with character.

My approach to creating a cohesive space starts with organizing and visualizing ideas.  This is where themes, vibes, branding, and inspirational photos will be translated into 'vision boards'.  We'll leverage imagery, textures, and colors that resonate with you to come to a mutual understanding of your preferences, and the vibe you hope to end up with.


Once you've given the 'green light' on the overall design scheme; the process of shopping for and selecting paint colors, fixtures, flooring, lighting, furnishings and décor will go a whole lot quicker -- saving you time and money.

Interior decorating

Shopping, order management, installation, and styling.

Getting all the right things in the right places will ultimately make your space to come to life, take on a personality, and give you all the vibes!  Ranging from durable, functional pieces that can stand up to heavy use, to simple decorative accents, to unique, local wall art -- I help clients quickly find the right products at the right prices.


There are a few ways we can work together through this phase; depending on your budget and how hands-on or -off you prefer to be.

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Rental Outfitting

The details that make the difference for those in the hospitality business.

When you work with me to design + decorate a short-term rental or hotel; I can take it one step further and outfit your property with every amenity necessary to deliver an excellent guest experience.


From quality soaps + premium coffees, to wine corks + puzzles with local flavor, to toasters + towels -- I know what guests are looking for, and how to create a guest experience that'll leave people thrilled.


I'm always happy to meet with prospective clients over a cup of coffee or via video call to get to know one another a bit better, chat about your project, and answer any questions you may have about working with me -- free of charge.

If you'd like to hire me, we'll get a contract & deposit in-place, and then get right to work!


At present I charge $150/hr for my time, and that's it.  I do not charge a % markup on materials/goods so that we can work together {transparently} to buy what makes the most sense for your space.  Depending on your needs and scope, I will either provide you with an itemized flat project cost, or it may make more sense to work hourly.

Two Ways of Working Together:

Interior Designer

best for:

residential spaces

If your goal is end up with a space completely customized to your personal preferences; we should plan on working together closely and spending more time during the design and shopping process to get everything just to your liking.

With a lengthier approval process; you should plan to budget higher.


A hands-off, efficient experience.

best for:

business spaces & flips

If your goal is end up with a space that looks amazing and is designed to achieve your goals, but you don't want to get in the weeds -- you're in luck; you can hire me to take the reins, take the guesswork out, and make the creative decisions for you.

With this streamlined approach; it'll go quicker & save you money too.

A fully personalized



Need a sounding board, or want to test out what it's like working with me?

Within 20 miles of Dover, NH you can have me come see your space, bounce ideas, and get my thoughts, insights, and recommendations for $320. 


Further than 20 miles?  I love exploring, so just ask me for a custom price.

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