Cutty's Barber Shop is a brand concept with an obvious play on the word "cut".  The name Cutty's is short, sweet, memorable, and easy to associate with hair cutting.  The concept itself is bold but simple, and lends itself to a bright, welcoming feel to the general masses.  Envision calm blue walls with natural wood accents to bring a bit of warmth in.  A traditional red & white barber pole will pop nicely.  A fun promotional swag giveaway item?  Household scissors with blue handles, with the logo printed on them.

Cutty's Barber Shop

  • 1. Digital downloads including:

    • PNG files with transparent backgrounds (standard coloring & inverse coloring for dark backgrounds)
    • High-res PDF file for printing
    • JPG file for social media, email, and other smaller uses
    • A PDF brand guide with the names of your fonts & colors

    2. 1 free round of edits to the brand name and sub-title, to customize to your own business, with the updated files to be sent following.

    3 .A 1-hour marketing strategy consultation with Hilary