Diggers is a pre-school (or daycare) designed for today's kids whose parents value nature, time spent outdoors, and letting kids get dirty.  With muted, earthy colors and playful fonts; this logo adds a sophisticated feel for a progressive, next-level daycare that'll command a premium and parents will be getting in line to enroll in.

Diggers Preschool

  • 1. Digital downloads including:

    • PNG files with transparent backgrounds (standard coloring & inverse coloring for dark backgrounds)
    • High-res PDF file for printing
    • JPG file for social media, email, and other smaller uses
    • A PDF brand guide with the names of your fonts & colors

    2. 1 free round of edits to the brand name and sub-title, to customize to your own business, with the updated files to be sent following.

    3 .A 1-hour marketing strategy consultation with Hilary