Go Potty is a designed for a port-a-potty business -- combining the often said command to kids & dogs to "go potty" and also describes 'potties-on-the-go'!  This brand is a playful twist to a not-so-glamourous business, and offers a fresh, bright look compared to most companies out there.  The name and logo immediately bring a smile to your face, and maybe even a laugh.  Reactions like this are incredibly valuable when creating a memorable brand for a local company!  Getting your port-a-potties fabricated in the brand's dusty blue or bright tangerine color will help with brand recognition.


The name and domain name www.gopottytoilets.com come with this brand concept, and will be transferred over to you following purchase.

Go Potty portable toilets (with domain name)

  • 1. Digital downloads including:

    • PNG files with transparent backgrounds (standard coloring & inverse coloring for dark backgrounds)
    • High-res PDF file for printing
    • JPG file for social media, email, and other smaller uses
    • A PDF brand guide with the names of your fonts & colors

    2. 1 free round of edits to the brand name and sub-title, to customize to your own business, with the updated files to be sent following.

    3 .A 1-hour marketing strategy consultation with Hilary