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The coffee shop project

When I was 26 I left my corporate job to start a coffee shop.  I found that buying a struggling café and flipping it was the only feasible (affordable) option for me at the time -- rather than building-out a new restaurant from scratch.  I closed on the business in June 2013 -- with the plan to completely renovate, rebrand, and relaunch.


Working with contractors + family members; I completely remodeled the space top to bottom -- transforming a tired 50's theme hot dog shop into a bright coastal-inspired cafe.

IMG_20131009_114707_188 - Copy.jpg

The dated townhouse

The townhouse condo was built in the late 80's and almost everything inside was original, but it was the perfect entirely-cosmetic renovation for me to take on as my first DIY renovation.


I painted or replaced every surface, had new cabinets & appliances installed, made my own countertops, transformed old hollow-core doors with trim, and had a carpenter make a few changes to walls & closet structures.

Original living & dining 1.jpg
Original entryway 1.jpg

The dirty beige chalet

Built in '04; this chalet in the NH Lakes Region had good bones but once again, everything was 15 years old.  And in this case, the previous owners had let it get very, very dirty. 


The vision was to transform this bland, dated home into a  vacation rental -- on a tight budget.  After extensive deep cleaning, painting, new flooring, and the addition of rustic wood accent walls; I furnished & decorated the house in a blend of 'lake house' and 'mountain cabin' styles.


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