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Down to earth design

WildeWoods Design & Home Services works with  homeowners, vacation rental hosts & landlords around southern NH & ME.

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We provide a range of handy home services ideal for getting a property ready for sale or rent, building out a new space, transforming a room, and as a helping hand for odd jobs around your property.

Bringing a creative eye and practical approach; we're here to help you make the most of your property on a budget that makes sense.

Our Services


Interior Renovations

  • Interior painting

  • General carpentry

  • Flooring

  • Windows & trim

  • Replacement fixtures


Design & Decorating

  • 2D room layouts

  • Design schemes/mood boards

  • Shopping

  • Furniture moving/assembly

  • Installation

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Handyman Services

  • Dump runs

  • Yardwork & leaf blowing

  • Wood cutting & stacking

  • A helping hand (& power tools) around the house


Airbnb Services

  • Consulting & design

  • Project management

  • Airbnb listings

  • Guest binders

  • Host training

Sample Work

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Hilary is perceptive and resourceful! She helped guide me through my ongoing house renovations. I appreciated her creative eye and her flexible nature. She was able to bridge the gap of what needed to be done and what was actually feasible for my skill level since I would be doing the actual renovating myself. She was patient and enthusiastic, bringing a new creative energy to a typically overwhelming process."

Briana Feola, DIY Renovator, Artist, + Co-Owner of Brainstorm Co.

Dover, New Hampshire

Hilary, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me and my parents to stay in your beautiful home this weekend. We had such a great time, and I was so impressed by your attention to detail. This was by far the best Airbnb experience I have ever had (and I’ve stayed in many Airbnb’s traveling for both business and pleasure). We plan on booking another trip to your home in the winter months! Thanks again for everything, you and your home are fantastic!

Megan, Airbnb Guest

@ The New Hampshire Getaway

Hilary must have a Master's in Hospitality, because this was definitely the best AirBnb I have been to! From the small attention to detail to the overall aesthetic, Hilary knocked it out of the park on this one!  Will be back!

Joshua, Airbnb Guest

@ The New Hampshire Getaway

Hilary was a pleasure to work with, and did a beautiful job giving us a plan to decorate our vacation homes! We are very happy with her service and would not hesitate to recommend her.

Alex, Co-Owner of Bretton Woods Vacations

Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

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